Being broke is noT A joke

everyday, From Thursday, April 1 at 8 AM until THURSDAY, April 15          at 8 pm

I would like to offer one, free haircut appointment per day to anyone who needs a haircut.



Unfortunately, we fully expect some people who can afford a haircut, to take advantage of this offer simply because it's free. We hope that they will have sober second thoughts when they realize they may be taking away an opportunity from people who really need the help.

Except for payment and gratuity, I remain committed to ensuring that this offer will remain indistinguishable from any appointment that Hair Force Ottawa offers.

1. Your privacy is important and your personal information will NEVER be shared with anyone, with the exception of the appropriate government agencies that are charged with collecting this information for the purposes of contact tracing.


As with all our clients, unless you specifically decline, your email address will be added to our customer mailing list.

2. Every Hair Force Ottawa client receives a "Client Responsibilities" sheet listing what is expected upon our arrival. Your appointment is no exception, however any one of these client responsibilities can be addressed, if necessary.

3. Hair Force Ottawa is a mobile barber. We do not have a "brick and mortar" location. This free session will always take place at your choice of location.

Only if there is no alternative, your cut may take place at my home, one person at a time. The ONLY exceptions to this rule are:

     - your dependant children;

     - an adult caregiver;

     - an adult chaperon who attends for religious or cultural purposes, or as a translator.

4. You will be asked to consent to a "before and after" picture for the purposes of future promotions. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO CONSENT OR DECLINE AND YOUR DECISION WILL NOT AFFECT THE OTHER ASPECTS OF THIS OFFER.


5. I will provide a quality haircut for up to three individuals at one time, providing:

     - the session is booked as one appointment with a maximum allotment of two and a half hours;

     - the full appointment will take place at a single location.

6. Booking an appointment through the regular booking page will require payment upfront, so I have created this special form that must be completed in full in order for me to honour your booking.

It can be found here:



Please use ONLY this special form for this offer, unless you plan to pay the appropriate fees.


A Personal Message from David Ferguson

March 18, 2021


Finally, vaccines have brought a glimmer of hope that we will see the end of this damned pandemic that has devastated so many lives.

In 2020, I lost my beloved partner of 40 years, as well as my beautiful sister.

After seven years as a caregiver, regulations around the pandemic took away my ability to once again become self-sufficient. There were and still are no government programs to financially help those in my position.

I have been cutting hair (non-professionally) since 1981, but ultimately received professional credentials after training.

I started Hair Force Ottawa at the onset of Covid-19, in February, 2020. My goal was then, and continues to be creating the safest, MOST EFFICIENT and MOST CONVENIENT barber service anywhere.

With faint savings and what little money I had available, and with the tremendous help of infectious diseases experts and Ottawa Public Health, I created something unique.

Still, we spent most of 2020 unable to ply our trade and, by the understandable mandates set forth by the government, we have we have relaunch three times, in four months.

By all accounts, you like us, even if you continue to err on the side of caution, and we get that.

We have seen a steady, but slow growth since January.

As of this day, my bank account contains the princely sum of $85 and my credit cards are maxxed-out. But, I have a few great friends who are helping me until certain financial issues are resolved.

Still, I am not ready to give up.

I am, by no means, a financial genius but I have never felt so dependent on others for my survival.

It stands to reason that if this is my experience, there are likely hundreds of individuals and families in Ottawa who are living the same way. But I have the skills and the time to help in this small way..

When you're broke, getting a haircut is the lowest of low priorities. But making a good impression to a potential new boss, putting your best face forward to the world when social distancing begins to lessen, or simply taking the first steps towards once again feeling good about yourself is important.

I am looking forward to seeing you.


David Ferguson

Hair Force Ottawa

This offer is made in loving memory of Mr. Richard Marquis (July 8, 1946 to May 18, 2020) and Mrs. Helen Lareau (August 31, 1938 to September 2, 2020), I could never have imagined how much I would miss them both.